Explore Yucatan following the mayas

Photo Explore Yucatan following the mayas

The Maya are the indigenous people of the Mesoamerica, or middle America. They live in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and the Yucatán Peninsula.

They are characterized by their unique traditions and cultural diversity. Among the other states, the Yucatan Peninsula is notable for its cultural heritage. A large number of Maya inhabit this area which is famous for its plant and animal diversities, with around 450 bird species.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a fantastic tourism venue. In order to explore more about the beauty of this place, book your flight to Yucatan with Opodo, and discover the peculiarities of the Maya culture and landscape.

What are the tourist attractions in Yucatan?

The Yucatan Peninsula is renowned for its fauna and flora. Apart from that, it is a popular tourist destination due to the unique architecture and touristic places. In order to learn about the history of the Maya in the Yucatan, travelers should not miss the following:

  • Temple of the Seven Dolls at Dzibilchaltun, in the north of Merida: Thousands of tourists visit the area every day to discover the history of the Temple and the Maya civilization. They also come to see the sunrise on the vernal equinox. Artifacts and souvenirs can be found at the local archeological site and museum.
  • Kabah, in the south of Merida: It is an archeological site with many fascinating structures, such as the Masks of the Rain God, the pyramid temple, sculptures and monuments. Some other archeological sites are located in Merida.
  • Lol-tun Cave, in the south of Oxkutscab, Yucatan: The cave features paintings, works of art and tools from the old Maya history and civilization. The cave was a hiding place during the long-lasting caste war. It is now a popular tourist venue in Yucatan.

Where should we stay for a beach vacation?

The white sandy beaches are fascinating with the sky-blue water. For a beach vacation, you can stay at Cancun, Quintana Roo. It is popular for its beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping centers.

Another good choice is the Mayan Riviera which is located in the south far from Cancun. It is good for swimming and other beach activities. Many fantastic hotels are located at Quintana Roo.

What do you need to know if you plan to visit Yucatan?

In order to enjoy your trip to Yucatan, Opodo offers some practical tips and precautions for travelers to Yucatan. If you travel with your family and children, check with the hotel receptionist whether you hotel is not for adults only.

Many travelers spend their holiday vacation in the Peninsula of Yucatan to enjoy the peace and serenity at the beaches. It is necessary to book your flight and accommodations earlier, since thousands of tourists visit the Yucatan Peninsula every year.

A large number of languages are spoken in Yucatan. The weather is mostly hot and humid, with many days of rain from May to October. The Maya are friendly people. You will discover a lot if you travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, by visiting archeological sites, monuments, architectures, colonial cities, and beaches.