Extraordinary experience : Cancun's submarine museum

Photo Extraordinary experience : Cancun's submarine museum

Cancun is a city in the Easternmost Mexico. Cancun Underwater Museum or MUSA is located in the Kukulcan Boulevard, in the Gulf of Mexico. The museum features 500 underwater sculptures, which are submerged 3 or 6 meters deep in the ocean. The Manchones Reef is the largest coral reef in Cancun. It is a popular destination where tourists snorkel, dive, and see the aquatic life. The massive tourism had caused a damage of the Manchones reef.

The Cancun submarine museum is open for tourists to explore the coral reef in Cancun in a different form. Read and live the extraordinary experience under the water of Cancun.

A brief history of Cancun Underwater Museum

  • For many years, tourists have been fascinated by the Manchones Reef. Tourists frequently snorkel and dive in this area, which has led to the destruction of the reef.
  • From 2005 to 2008, Gonzalez Canto has convinced the President of the Cancun Nautical Association to create coral gardens reefs in other parts of the ocean. The objective is to take tourists to the new destinations, so that they dive and snorkel away from the Manchones Reef.
  • In 2008, the President came across the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who proposed to submerge underwater sculptures which serve as artificial coral reefs.
  • The works of art began in 2009. The British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and five other Mexican sculptors created and implanted sculptures in the Cancun National Marine Park.
  • The underwater museum was opened in November 2010. More sculptures will be set up in 10 different parts of the Park.

Explore the Cancun submarine museum

The museum encompasses 500 concrete sculptures, among which there are 477 sculpted human figures and structures at the Manchones Reef, and 23 at Punta Nizuc. Taylor's project is called The Silent Evolution. Some of the sculptures feature:

  • A statue of a wrecked car on which a man is crying at his loss.
  • Statues of people, talking to one another in the street. Among them, there seems to be a man who is folding his arms on his head.
  • A statue of a man who is leaning against a fence where giant leaves are growing.
  • Statues of a crowd of people outdoor, who are busy with their daily occupations.
  • A statue of a man who is fascinated by nature, and is observing what is going on in the ocean. In fact, he is watching carefully at the coral reef growing.
  • Statues of boys and girls forming a circle, standing hand in hand, while watching out over what is going to happen around them.

Further information

The Cancun Underwater Museum is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The guided tour of the museum takes about two hours. Tourists tour the park inside a submarine boat with a glass bottom, which can carry 66 passengers.

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